Shaggy hairstyle for women. A new trend is the Shaggy haircut: features

Despite the fact that the Shaggy haircut first appeared in the 70s, it is still very popular today because of the sophistication and uniqueness of the style. The haircut was loved by performers and fans of rock music, because such a style allowed spending a minimum of effort in order to look impressive, especially on medium hair. View here for more info: modern shag haircut

In addition to the ease of maintaining styling, it attracted with its special property: a tousled shaggy hairstyle is able to add volume to even the finest hair.

Shaggy means shaggy or sloppy. It can be performed both on the entire volume of the hair, and on individual parts: the back of the head, temples or bangs. Also, the technique is applied to individual strands to add volume to the hairstyle.

Note! The time to create a shaggy haircut for hair of any length, be it medium or short, can be completely different. In some cases, ten minutes is enough, and sometimes the masters create styling for more than an hour. It all depends on the texture, condition and length of the hair, the cutting technique, the quality of the tools and the chosen cosmetics.

The shaggy styling technique is based on several principles:

1. The entire volume of hair, even before the start of a haircut, is divided into separate sections, with which they work in the future.

2. When performing a haircut, the strands are delayed as much as possible, and also the largest step is used.

3. In the selected sections, the strands are cut randomly to make the hairstyle more casual.

These principles allow you to achieve the desired level of tousled hairstyle, and the styling looks very expressive.

To achieve more extravagance, craftsmen can use additional styling methods:

1. The strands are lifted up and fixed. This allows you to achieve an unrealistic volume of hair.

2. Strands of hair are arranged in separate curls. With the help of this styling, you can hide minor imperfections on the face, drawing attention to the hairstyle, and also create additional hair volume.

3. The curls are combed to one side, which makes it possible to compensate for the asymmetry of the face oval.

The Shaggy haircut is used on both thin and thick hair of medium or short length.

Who is Shaggy's haircut suitable for?

This styling is suitable for almost everyone, because a shaggy haircut can help to achieve the ideal volume for any type of hair. However, shaggy is best suited for those with medium to short hair.

The shaggy haircut is versatile, as it is suitable for any age by smoothing out age-related skin changes. Multi-layered, chaotic styling is suitable for both straight and wavy hair. This styling will not be spoiled by natural curls, since the possible curling is taken into account when thinning the strands.

Thinning is the main way to create styling. This term means thinning the volume of the hairline by cutting off some strands. So, if the master asks if the client will not be against thinning, then he means exactly the haircut.

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