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By 108-CV-001, Jan 23 2020 07:00AM

This coming Friday (24th Jan) will see the net two years old. If you can drop by on the frequency from 8pm & say hello you'd be made most welcome. There will be stations mobile, up hills & those working from home so plenty of reports for you.

Frequency - 27.405 MHz USB

Time: 8-10pm (or whenever it's quiet)



By 108-CV-001, Nov 7 2019 02:47AM

On 2nd November 1981 CB radio enthusiasts were given 40 FM channels to use legally. It took until 2014 until the originally much wanted AM & SSB was granted though.

Every year there is a UK wide event to mark this, this year was the 38th year of 27/81 CB radio and many groups assembled throughout the country to see how many contacts they could get using channel 38.

The Clyde valley DX group headed up to a favourite spot up at loch Thom, Greenock around lunch time and got the operation station set up. The conditions for radio were very poor to say the least so there was lots of crossed fingers that we'd get some DX.

The station's working conditions were pretty basic, as we tried to keep it as ''Old School'' as possible using radio's from back in the early days with just normal radio output power. The radio's that were used were an Audioline PT-345 homebase with 3.7 watts of output power and a Uniden 200 mobile type with 4.0 watts output running into a ''T2LT'' portable vertical dipole (see video for all details)

I'll let you watch the video instead of giving you the log etc. But we did manage 2 contacts into Northern Ireland (approx 85 miles) which was an exceptional feat with basic equipment.

A huge thanks for the boys & girls who attended, Rab 108CV134 for supplying tea, coffee & hot dogs and to the other mobiles who called in from Ardentinny, Carman hill, Langbank, Glasgow & the Island of Bute they made the event worth-while.

See you all on channel 39 next year


108CV001 - Stu

38th anniversary special event video.

By 108-CV-001, Aug 21 2019 05:13PM

Tonight AM net log:

108CV134 Robert, Greenock

108CV187 David, Port Glasgow

108GDX040 Ben Mobile Bisopbriggs

108CV088 George mobile Greenock

108CV511 Simon mobile up the braes

Robert Robertson Windbreaker, Hampden

108CV011 Christy, Port Glasgow

Cheers to those who called in to our 1st AM net in Inverclyde. We'll catch you at the earlier time next week at 6.30pm

The next nets are:

Friday 8pm Clyde valley net - 27.405 usb

Friday 9pm Clyde valley AM net - 27.405 am

Friday 10pm Clyde valley Zello net (Sit down with a beer and give us a shout)

Monday 8pm CB radio Inverclyde net - ch 14 UKFM

Tues 6.30-8pm Clyde valley DX group net - 27.125 AM

By 108-CV-001, Aug 18 2019 02:02PM

There are 2 new nets in Inverclyde. On Monday's it's ch 14 UKFM from 8pm and Tues night from 8pm on ch14 mid band 27.125 AM.

By 108-CV-001, Aug 17 2019 11:12AM

This years UK-wide event falls on Saturday November 2nd. Get to high ground to have a good chance of making contact with many stations throughout the UK and beyond. As it's the 38th year the working channel will be 38 fm.

By 108-CV-001, Aug 17 2019 10:12AM

Join us this Halloween for our 3rd annual AM net. The ghostly goings-on will commence at 7pm and will run until everyone returns to their coffins. I hope to hear you in the box.

By 108-CV-001, Aug 8 2019 07:08PM

Group member Rab (108cv134) has secured us a clubhouse for us to meet, operate & hold tutoring sessions with the new CB'ers.

We meet every 1st Friday of the month at Parklea bowling club in Port Glasgow. If you're interested in radio or are looking to come back on the air you're welcome to come along on the night. A small donation is required to cover electric costs etc.

By 108-CV-001, Aug 8 2019 06:51PM

On the weekend 17-18th August 2019 the group will be using the club callsign 108-CV-000 during the lighthouse activity weekend. An Eqsl will be available for stations wishing to RX a QSL report.

We hope to get you in the log, if you hear us calling please give us a shout.



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